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In 2020, L’Oreal Skinceuticals--the high-performance skin care line targeted to dermatologists, plastic surgeons and exclusive spas -- made the decision to cancel their in-person awards gala and host a virtual event instead. Traditionally the much-anticipated black-tie evening was the occasion for the executive team to honor the division’s best salespeople and award more than a hundred thousand dollars in trips and prizes. Event organizers wanted to recreate the special show and elevate the dinner from a zoom meeting to something unique and entertaining. 

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L’Oreal Skinceutical managers tapped Alt Ethos, an experiential design agency, to create a one-of-a-kind experience. It had to be accessible for all employees on their computers and smartphones -- and importantly it had to be a memorable, fun evening. Execs asked AE to focus on encouraging engagement, foster human connection between the participants and maintain everyone’s interest throughout the evening. 

Alt Ethos was the ideal partner to create, develop and execute such a complex event. The experienced AE team has conducted over 800 virtual events over the last year and had exhaustively researched the shortcomings of Zoom meetings like detachment and fatigue. They understand that quarantining has been tiring and isolating, that people are craving connection, want to be entertained and are looking for an engaging, exciting experience. Alt Ethos produced a fabulous virtual event that exceeded all expectations. 

AE created a banquet room environment, added 3D staging and 360 video so that attendees could look around the room and feel grounded in an elegant space; and populated the tables with lifelike avatars so that no one felt alone. Plus they developed custom holograms for the black-tied clad host and keynote speaker—Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank fame. Ahead of the award show AE sent out L’Oreal Skincuetical branded Google Cardboards to build anticipation and keep as a cute souvenir. After the awards presentation, as the evening was drawing to a close, Alt Ethos surprised everyone with a breathtaking digital fireworks show visible through the virtual venue’s glass roof. 


L’Oreal Skincuetical’s executive team was thrilled with the event and the metrics were exceptional. Alt Ethos reported consistent attendance throughout the program. At peak, 184 out of the anticipated 160 attendees attended with a 94% retention rate. This is significantly better than national averages of 50% for virtual events overall.